For ” Tiny Conveyor Chains”, different back links are available for coupling and attaching customized units straight towards the chains. These back links are known as attachments. The following common attachments can be found.
Kinds and names of common attachments
regular attachments include 5 varieties for single pitch chains and 5 sorts for double pitch chains as illustrated below. In addition, for single pitch chains, four types of broad attachments, as wide as outer plates, are available. Normal attachments for respective chain sizes are listed to the following web page.
How to indicate the specially organized chains with attachments
A chain with Attachment K1s specially organized as over is indicated as follows:
CJ+(K1 inner+PL)×3+3LL+PL+(K1 inner+PL)×3+3LL+K1 outer+(RL+K1 outer)×2+5LL
“CJ” stands for any C connecting website link; “K1 inner”, an inner link Attachment K1; “PL”, an outer hyperlink; “3LL”, three back links from an inner website link to an inner hyperlink; “K1 outer”, an outer link Attachment K1; and “RL”, an inner website link, respectively. A “+” indicator signifies “connection”, in addition to a “×” sign indicates “repeat”. (For one-side attachments this kind of as Attachment A and Attachment SA, the place of attachment plates is on side A from the over illustration.)
Note: When attaching attachments to every single even-number website link, they’re attached to outer backlinks, unless specified.