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With detailed requirments, we can also produce your special designed product. It has proven secure cooperation with many well recognized universities and institutes in china these kinds of as, Zhejiang University, Jilin College, Technical committee of nationwide chain push common, Institute of countrywide chain travel, Zhejiang application engineering substance institute, Huhan content defense institute and it cooperated to identified China 1st Automobile chain institute with Countrywide chain generate institute. Our professionals and engineers have 23 years of Expertise in the Bearing Sector.
The spherical head anchor lifting program is forged into the concrete together with a recess previous which will be eliminated afterwards. The quick and easy lifting cluth is utilized to elevate and transport the concrete device, hundreds in any path can be carried. Anchors with load potential up to 32tonnes are accessible.

one, The spherical head anchor dimension and dimension table

EPT: St52-3 or equivalent with materials certification of every shipping and delivery, cast

Load 1.3T two.5T 4T 5T 7.5T 10T 15T 20T 32T
Duration forty fifty five fifty five 75 ninety five a hundred and fifteen one hundred twenty 165 200
mm fifty five 65 65 85 one hundred 135 one hundred forty 200 250
65 eighty five 75 ninety five one hundred and five 140 165 240 260
eighty five a hundred and twenty 95 one hundred one hundred twenty 150 one hundred eighty 300 280
one hundred twenty a hundred and forty a hundred one hundred ten a hundred and forty a hundred and seventy 240 340 seven-hundred
240 170 a hundred and twenty 120 150 two hundred three hundred five hundred 1200
240 one hundred seventy one hundred seventy 165 210 400 1000
270 210 one hundred eighty 200 340
240 240 three hundred 540
three hundred 340 540 650
340 480 680
D1 ten fourteen 18 twenty 24 28 34 39 fifty
D2 19 26 36 36 forty seven 47 70 70 88
D3 25 36 forty five 50 60 70 85 98 one hundred thirty five
H1 5 7 nine nine 11 eleven 15 fifteen 27
H2 eight ten 13 thirteen eighteen 18 26 28 38
S1 two 3 3 3 three.5 four four.five 5 eight
S2 five 7 eight ten 12 fourteen seventeen twenty thirty
R1 19 24 30 thirty 37 37 forty six 46 69
Tensile Energy 500N 490N 485N 480N 500N 488N 498N 500N
Breaking sixteen% 16% sixteen% 16% sixteen% 16% 16% sixteen%

Anchor dimensions table with code

Code Size Surface WeigEPTT (kg) EPTtity / Bag Package
ATLA0013-40 1.3X40 Simple/H.D.G .048 200 Bag/Crate
ATLA0013-fifty five one.3X55 Basic/H.D.G .055 200 Bag/Crate
ATLA0013-65 1.3X65 Plain/H.D.G .062 two hundred Bag/Crate
ATLA0013-85 one.3X85 Basic/H.D.G .074 200 Bag/Crate
ATLA0013-120 one.3X120 Basic/H.D.G .094 two hundred Bag/Crate
ATLA0013-240 one.3X240 Plain/H.D.G .163 100 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-55 2.5TX55 Basic/H.D.G .124 100 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-65 2.5TX65 Plain/H.D.G .132 100 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-eighty five 2.5TX85 Basic/H.D.G .one hundred fifty five a hundred Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-a hundred and twenty 2.5TX120 Basic/H.D.G .194 100 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-140 two.5TX140 Plain/H.D.G .216 50 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-a hundred and seventy 2.5TX170 Simple/H.D.G .250 50 Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-240 two.5TX240 Plain/H.D.G .345 twenty five Bag/Crate
ATLA0571-270 2.5TX270 Basic/H.D.G .38 twenty five Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-fifty five four.0TX55 Basic/H.D.G .286 100 Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-sixty five four.0TX65 Basic/H.D.G .298 one hundred Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-75 four.0TX75 Basic/H.D.G .31 one hundred Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-ninety five 4.0TX95 Plain/H.D.G .33 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-one hundred four.0TX100 Simple/H.D.G .34 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-a hundred and twenty four.0TX120 Basic/H.D.G .36 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-a hundred and seventy 4.0TX170 Basic/H.D.G .47 50 Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-210 four.0TX210 Basic/H.D.G .536 50 Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-240 four.0TX240 Basic/H.D.G .58 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-300 four.0TX300 Basic/H.D.G .sixty eight twenty five Bag/Crate
ATLA0040-340 4.0TX340 Plain/H.D.G .780 twenty five Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-75 5TX75 Plain/H.D.G .320 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-eighty five 5TX85 Plain/H.D.G .36 fifty Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-ninety five 5TX95 Plain/H.D.G .377 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-100 5TX100 Simple/H.D.G .39 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-110 5TX110 Plain/H.D.G .415 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-120 5TX120 Basic/H.D.G .44 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-170 5TX170 Plain/H.D.G .fifty six 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-a hundred and eighty 5TX180 Plain/H.D.G .582 twenty five Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-240 5TX240 Simple/H.D.G .724 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0050-340 5TX340 Simple/H.D.G .962 Bulk Bag/Crate
Code Dimensions Floor WeigEPTT (kg) EPTtity / Bag Package
ATLA0050-480 5TX480 Simple/H.D.G one.36 Bulk Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-95 7.5TX95 Simple/H.D.G .sixty four 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-100 7.5TX160 Basic/H.D.G .67 20 Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-a hundred and five 7.5TX200 Plain/H.D.G .70 fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-one hundred twenty 7.5TX200 Basic/H.D.G .seventy three fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-140 7.5TX200 Plain/H.D.G .81 fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-a hundred and fifty 7.5TX200 Simple/H.D.G .842 15 Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-one hundred sixty five 7.5TX200 Plain/H.D.G .89 fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-200 7.5TX200 Simple/H.D.G one.01 15 Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-300 seven.5TX200 Simple/H.D.G one.36 fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-540 seven.5TX540 Plain/H.D.G 2.24 Bulk Bag/Crate
ATLA0075-680 seven.5TX540 Simple/H.D.G 2.seventy five Bulk Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-eighty five 10TX85 Plain/H.D.G .8 25 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-a hundred 10TX100 Plain/H.D.G .89 20 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-110 10TX110 Basic/H.D.G .nine 20 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-115 10TX115 Plain/H.D.G .ninety two twenty Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-a hundred and forty 10TX140 Basic/H.D.G one.06 fifteen Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-a hundred and fifty 10TX150 Simple/H.D.G 1.09 15 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-a hundred and seventy 10TX170 Plain/H.D.G 1.18 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-two hundred 10TX170 Simple/H.D.G 1.35 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-210 10TX170 Plain/H.D.G one.4 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-340 10TX340 Basic/H.D.G one.ninety eight Bulk Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-540 10TX340 Simple/H.D.G three.1 Bulk Bag/Crate
ATLA5710-650 10TX650 Simple/H.D.G 3.4 Bulk Crate
ATLA5710-680 10TX680 Basic/H.D.G 3.57 Bulk Crate
ATLA0150-one hundred twenty 15TX120 Plain/H.D.G one.sixty seven 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-a hundred and forty 15TX140 Simple/H.D.G one.795 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-165 15TX165 Plain/H.D.G two.05 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-180 15TX180 Plain/H.D.G two.2 ten Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-240 15TX240 Simple/H.D.G two.7 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-300 15TX300 Plain/H.D.G three 10 Bag/Crate
ATLA0150-four hundred 15TX400 Plain/H.D.G five Bulk Crate
ATLA5710-165 20TX165 Plain/H.D.G two.seventy two 10 Crate
ATLA5710-two hundred 20TX200 Simple/H.D.G 2.99 5 Crate
ATLA5710-240 20TX240 Simple/H.D.G 3.299 5 Crate
ATLA5710-300 20TX300 Basic/H.D.G three.9 5 Crate
ATLA5710-340 20TX340 Simple/H.D.G 4.37 five Crate
Code Dimension Surface area WeigEPTT (kg) EPTtity / Bag Package deal
ATLA5710-five hundred 20TX500 Plain/H.D.G five.ninety three Bulk Crate
ATLA5710-a thousand 20TX1000 Simple/H.D.G eleven.05 Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-two hundred 32TX200 Plain/H.D.G 5.55 Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-250 32TX250 Plain/H.D.G six.32 Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-260 32TX260 Plain/H.D.G Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-280 32TX280 Simple/H.D.G 7.1 Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-seven-hundred 32TX700 Plain/H.D.G 13.44 Bulk Crate
ATLA0320-1200 32TX1200 Plain/H.D.G 20.99 Bulk Crate

The marking is EPT on foot and head. Emboss or concave letters,
Example: AT 2T5 L170
***Stainless steel DIN 1.414 is in offered.
***Surface can be black, sandblasted, Electro Zinc or Hot Dip Galvanized.
Other AT lifting program product.


As your 1-stop resource, AT PRECAST,we design and style, manufacturer and distribute precast concrete components incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the EPT Techniques and Anchoring methods Coil and Ferrule Inserts. for Concrete and Prefabricated location.

As a leaEPTTin deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) concrete accessory products, our principal objective is to generate items that are safer, faster and more EPT effective.

With more than totally fifty several years doing work encounter, our complete employees is focused to offer you with the ideal customer services and aggressive prices. Our income force are capable to answer your questions speedily and offer you you technical support .


100% good quality manufacturing.
We guarantee that our merchandise meet up with your supplied specs
Very aggressive pricing
Supply to your port or JCEP doorway
4 —- 8 week lead times
We handle all paperwork
Partial container orders
FleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble payment options
Distinctive tooling alternatives
Total range of EPTT alternatives from bulk to retail ready
Total testing companies offered


1. The place is your spot?

We are found in EPTTngdao EPTT of EPTT and are shut to Airport. It will take 30minuts by vehicle from Liuting Airport our organization.

two. How EPTT has EPT been estabEPTTd?

AT EPT was estabEPTTd in 2009. There is six several years exporting experiences.

three. How many workers do you have?

Administration / sales 4
EPT / design as our spouse 8
Production as our partners one hundred twenty
EPTT assurance / inspection 10

four. Which countries do you export to?

U.S.A, Germany, France, EPTT, United kingdom, Brazil, Center EPT of Asia, TEPTTd,

5. What proportion of your goods are exported?

100% of our production are exported to all more than the entire world.

6. How EPTT does it take to EPT samples?

a) Sample:30-45daEPTTafter order
b) Sample:30daEPTTafter sample finishing.
c) The direct time is the EPTT generation period and does not incEPTT the transportation time.

7. EPTT solution deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment method

Acquired tooling orEPTTand sample orEPTTwith fifty% deposit—Maintain a assembly with the relation dept. to make sure the deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) schedule—Design and style pattern, fixture and gauge and producing them in our residence—mold metal getting—Machining—Inspection—Deliver out the sample with preliminary inspection report.

8. How EPTT is the production direct time?

Mass Production: 90daEPTTafter sample acceptance by yours.
The direct time is the EPTT generation time period incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the transportation time.
We could make some EPTT manufacturing arrangement effectively if customer has urgent require.

9. What basis can we purchase merchandise?

We EPTTly provide clients rates FOB amp CIF (Carriage, Insurance amp Freight). The CIF incEPTTs the freigEPTT EPT to your nominated sea port.
We do give clearance of merchandise which requirements to be dealt with by a nearby freigEPTT EPTTer.
All nearby EPTs and taxes are the obligation of the consumer. We are content to provide advisement on shipping and delivery if JCEP.

ten. What are the payment terms?

Payment phrases are negotiable and will boost for EPTT time period consumers.
Throughout the original phases, we ask for fifty% of tooling payment in EPT with the balance payable on acceptance of samples.
Generation orders can be negotiable. We desire fifty% deposit and the stability by T/T prior to sails. But sometimes T/T 30 daEPTTafter sails would also appropriate.

eleven. Which forex can we purchase in?

We can offer in USD / Euro forex / GBP.

twelve. How EPTT does it take to ship items from EPTT by sea?

It takes about five weeks to European ports plus one week customs clearance, so you can get the container inside 6 to 7 months. It requires about 2 weeks to EPT coast and 3 weeks to west coastline US ports. All sea items are shipped from EPTTngdao Port.

13. How EPTT does it get to ship products from EPTT by air?

It normally takes about seven daEPTTto all major destinations.

14. Can we go to the factory to conduct an audit?

Yes, you are welcome to check out our partner manufacturing unit by prior arrangement.

fifteen. How do we keep customer confidentiality?

We are satisfied to indicator Confidentiality Agreements with customers and will honor them.

16. Which languages do we do organization in?

Though we do business with many nations about the world, we can only talk properly in EPTT EPT.
All data equipped need to as a result be equipped in this sort.

17. Is there a least volume of business JCEP to perform global buying?

There are no least volumes, but the prices of the merchandise, in addition the fixed EPTs of EPTTing tends to make it more economical to acquire in large volumes. All likely buyers will be assessed on an personal foundation to deterEPT if it seems a practical alternative for all parties to deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. a connection.

18. What kind of elements you are EPTTized in?

Our enterprise is made up of two places,
one particular is for development precast incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. lifting system, rigging EPT metal parts.

Another is EPT metallic company of good quality sand castings, expense castings, dropped foam castings, hot forgings, cold forgings, stampings, EPTTd elements, EPTmolded plastics areas, etc.

  in Salta Argentina  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Stainless Steel Long Hex Coupling Nut manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler